--- Things you don't need to know

Things you don't need to know�

So you've found my boredom project. Ever heard a fact on the radio, online or from a friend and thought, that is kinda cool, but I really have no reason to know that? Well, after so many times of hearing things like that, I decided when I need a break from the day to day of my internet life, I'd write pages on all of those weird, non pertinent things you don't need to know.

It basically will be updated as I feel like it. If you have a dumb fact to share, send me an email via the bottom of the page (and a link that can back it up that doesn't come from a shitty adsense scraper site) and maybe when I have time, I'll do a write up on it.

Instead of the Bellsouth Yellow Pages

Got s suggestion for this page? Email me and let me know.
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