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The reason cats always go for the people who can't stand them�

Cats, like many animals, take stares as threats to their well-being. A person who doesn't like cats tends to avoid eye contact with the cat because they think looking at the cat will draw the cat towards them. Quite the opposite is in fact true. If five strangers are in the room, the cat is likely to go to the person not looking at them as they feel the least threatened by this person.

If you're a cat lover, try blinking quickly at the cat when you first meet or approach it. It is thought to be a way of letting the cat know you are non threatening and a friend.

If you don't care much for cats, or are allergic, try staring at the cat directly in the eyes without blinking. This may make the cat think you are not trustworthy or a potential threat. While that isn't exactly what you're trying to accomplish, it may help the cat refrain from coming up to you hoping for a pet.

Other cat facts you don't need to know:

- Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs only have about ten.
- The Maine Coon cat is supposed to be the biggest of all domestic cats - weighing in at up to 20 pounds or more. Of course, overfeeding can cause some domestic cats to move above the 20 pound mark. See some big cats vying for the fat cat crown via Google images.
- There is actually a study out there to see how cats fare as vegetarians. The study is funded by Purina.
- Big cats like lions and cougars react to cat nip the same way smaller cats do.
- Almost half of all cats receive Christmas gifts.
- If you didn't spay one female cat and her and her kittens all bred at will they would produce over 40,000 cats in less than seven years.
- There are many types of hybrid cats (a mixture of two different cat species).

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